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Services Offered

BUYING or SELLING ... Let us help you turn your surplus machinery into cash, free up valuable floor space and / or assist you in finding exactly what you may need!

Disposal | Acquisition | Leasing | Appraisals | Auctions | Liquidations

Is there a machine that you no longer have a need for or are you looking to free up some valuable floor space ? Let NMC assist you in this process. Please contact our office; phone, fax, e-mail or submit a
machinery inquiry form.

A representative from Nevins Machinery Concepts will spend time with you to ensure that we have a complete description of this machine as well as a photo. We will also discuss what your financial expectation is from the sale of the machine. If it is feasible, someone from our office will visit your shop to evaluate the condition of the machine and, hopefully see it "under power". At this time the NMC rep will take additional photos if necessary and review the data to be sure that we are in agreement concerning the specifications and the terms and conditions of sale. The more information we gather, the easier it will be to assist in the disposal of your equipment.

Does your company need a specific machine? Are you actively looking for this equipment? NMC can help. We will work closely with your staff to locate the right machine. Phone, fax, e-mail or submit a
machinery inquiry form and one of our specialists will be in touch to put together a complete specification. NMC has access to an enormous inventory; we're not satisfied until we satisfy your needs. We will search our inventories to find the best machine for your requirements. If a photo is available we will supply it to you with the specifications for the machine. If your company is interested in purchasing a machine through NMC, we will work with you to negotiate a fair market price for the acquisition. If desired we will travel with your representative to inspect the machine (usually under power).

Leasing is another service available from NMC. Is your purchase project - specific? Are you experimenting or introducing a new product? Whatever the reason may be, NMC understands that there may be times when leasing makes the most sense for your company. Let us know what your needs are and NMC will work towards meeting your goals.

Whether you are looking to dispose of or purchase any manufacturing equipment please give NMC the opportunity to work with you. We pride ourselves in being able to successfully service our customers for more than one quarter of a century!

A machine... A department... or an entire plant... NMC will appraise, auction, or liquidate any or all of your machines, office equipment and real estate.

When you contract with NMC you can be assured that you are in a partnership with experienced people. We are very aware of current economic conditions and cognizant of the fact that they may change as quickly as our New England weather. Swings in the economy have a great impact on the value of the machinery.

Appraisals may be initiated in a variety of ways. We will work closely with you to determine the best format for your appraisal. Should the appraisal represent "new replacement cost", " orderly liquidation value" or "auction value"?. We will present these options to you and offer one or more of these values for comparison. An appraisal is a valuable tool whether it is necessary for bank needs, insurance company needs or estate planning.

Please contact NMC to discuss your present appraisal needs. A representative will offer advice that may be invaluable.

If closing the doors to your business or to a division is the necessary or smart thing for you to do at this time, NMC will gladly help you through what can often prove to be a difficult time.

Contact NMC to see how we can help. We will discuss your needs and will offer input as to what the options might be for you. Our experts have a vast knowledge and may have very helpful information for you. All calls are kept confidential.

We pride ourselves in being a full-service seller, buyer and broker of new and used industrial machinery. NMC awaits the chance to form a partnership with you and to discuss the best way that we can meet your machinery needs. Every effort is always made not to disrupt your present day-to-day operations.

Keep our name and numbers available for any future inquiries and of course "bookmark" our web site. NMC is eager to assist in any way possible. If you are aware of anyone else who may have need for our services please refer them to Nevins Machinery Concepts, Inc.. We look forward to hearing from you.

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